A team of vibrant sports followers reached out to us to design & develop an application for them, through which they are able to rank different teams to show their Love or Hate.

About the app

The concept was simple, users visit the application, select the teams, and pick one of two options available i.e. Love or Hate. After selecting the Love and Hate teams users are able to allocate points to the teams (which would be based on the passion of a user towards a team). The users can follow a team and see how it is placed in the community of Hundred Points.

Cross platform

The application is designed as a platform independent mobile site, and can be viewed on iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys, Nokias, Windows Phones and more. This allows us to be able to reach a huge majority of users and gives them the convenience of being able to use the application on the go from their phone, without needing a computer or laptop to do so.

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