UBL First Saver

The good people over at The Brand Crew (a digital agency) were interested in developing multiple Flash games based on a centralized theme for UBL, a renowned multinational financial institute.


First Savers

The Brand Crew created the original concept in which they outlined four different levels, which all had their own themes (Forest, Water, Energy & Waste) and wanted to educate the youth on the importance of saving in all four aspects.


We created the interactive mini-games in Flash. Each level begins with a story that explains the scenario (in the case of Energy, Robots have taken over a city in the future and are sapping all the electricity from the power grids. You must shoot down the evil robots in order to save the city), and the user then begins the game.


All games allow users to earn points, which enter them into a weekly contest, allowing them a chance to win several prizes. Once a user has completed all four games, they are eligible to play "The future land" in which they can purchase items using gold coins and create their ideal future land."

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