AskMen, a renowned online publication for adult males, has an annual list of the Top 99
women which receives huge coverage. They asked us to create a Facebook application that would get the fans involved in the selection process.

What we made

Voting App

We realized that there are often selections in the list which the users don’t agree with. Now, for the first time ever, you can create your own Top 9 list through this application and share it with your friends and even let them comment on your list.


The application is created with extensive scalability in mind as the traffic on the AskMen Top 99 list reaches in the millions. Memcache has been implemented and queries have been optimized in order to ensure the servers can handle the pressure with ease.


Thousands of new fans were gained on the AskMen Facebook Page and tens of thousands of lists were created with a large majority of them sharing, commenting and Liking posts by other users to create a lot of buzz on the social media networks.

Launch Application

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