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For 2012 edition of the annual bodybuilding convention in Las Vegas, Optimum Nutrition was all set to unveil their latest product and the hype in the industry was massive. Due to this, Optimum Nutrition wanted to allow their most loyal fans a way to enter their booth without having to wait in massive lines.

What we did

ON FB Page App

We proposed a VIP Pass that would not only allow their fans to get in faster, but also reward them with goodies no other booth visitors would get. To get a VIP Pass, they simply need to head over to the Optimum Nutrition Facebook Page, ‘Like’ it, and enter their e-mail address. Once they do this, they will be given a QR Code which they can either send to their smart- phone or print out.


The VIP codes needed to be limited to 1,000 in order to keep them exclusive. They were all claimed within 24 hours. It was an overwhelming success and Optimum Nutrition decided to do this for all future shows.

Launch Application

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