Kate Walsh Boyfriend

Kate Walsh, best known for her roles on the hit TV shows Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice launched a new fragrance called 'Your Boyfriend'. It was one of the hottest new perfumes on the market on valentine's day.


Kate Walsh Facebook Page

Kate and her team have been known to embrace the social trends by constantly putting up video blogs from behind the scenes at their sets to using their Facebook Page to constantly communicate with their fans.

What we did

We developed a Flash module that allows users to select from several different scenarios for which the scripts were written by Kate herself as well as starred in with several hilarious and talented people. These are themed around the topic "Don't let this happen to you" which depicts you as the lonely single person on valentine's day.


You can customize these videos for your friends and send them the video either by posting on their Facebook profile, Tweeting it or by E-mailing them.


  • Primary Target Performance Result

    More than 1,000 entries

  • Page Views Performance Result

    More than 100,000

In it's first day online, over 1,000 videos were created and over 100,000 views across all platforms were served.

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