Cabot Stain

The Cabot team wanted to showcase how their customers were using their product and achieving phenomenal results. The Cabot Hall of Fame was a concept created to celebrate excellence in deck staining. There were some amazing submissions and stories received and it was only fair to showcase them in an equally amazing place.

A piece of history

Facebook application

The Facebook application was designed from scratch to mimic the building where Cabot first started, in order to preserve a little piece of history. We created a virtual hall of fame using the actual Cabot headquarters, built just for this Facebook application.

Virtual Hall of Fame

Virtual Hall of Fame

In this project we pushed the envelope and did some exciting new things with HTML 5 and JQuery in order to give a 3D virtual hall of fame experience. You can navigate through the rooms, view the submissions that have been selected in the Hall of Fame as they hang on the walls.


This application is one that is not focused on generating Likes or conversions. It is focused on showcasing and paying tribute to the wonderful loyal customers of Cabot. It has gotten over 10,000 views and continues to be a focal point in Cabot’s online marketing efforts.

Launch Application

Real stories from our clients & partners

Get inspired by these stories.