The concept

Chronicle Movie

IGN, in collaboration with the movie Chronicle, embarked on a journey to reach out to aspiring young filmmakers and give them a chance to show-off their short films and have a chance to win a trip to Hollywood, where they would get to meet with the director of the movie Chronicle and get some invaluable advice in a one-on-one meeting.

What we did

We created a Facebook application through which users can submit their short movies. People can browse the entries, vote on the ones they love and share them on their Facebook profiles. The ones with the highest votes will be considered to meet with the director of Chronicle, a major hollywood movie.


The application generated an immense amount of buzz upon release and the entries began to pour in. Some extremely creative people have started to fill the application with well made movies in which they show off special effects and their sci-fi chops in order to win this prestigious prize.

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