Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns approached us with an exciting project that would allow their fans to create a close-knit community based on sharing stories and experiences relating to their favorite team, the Browns.

About the app

Share story app

This application allows users to share their Cleveland Browns story, tell everyone how long they have been a fan for, post videos, pictures and more, all the while earning a chance to win Season Tickets to the next Cleveland Browns NFL season.

External APIs

We integrated external APIs such as YouTube and Flickr to allow users to share their content, as well as pull photos from their Facebook gallery. A robust back-end admin panel was created for the Browns to be able to monitor and moderate the content provided on the Facebook application.

Featured videos

The kicker is the Featured Videos section where 5 excellent heart warming and inspiring stories have been immortalized via a short video, allowing users to discuss, comment, Like and share them as they please.


The Facebook Page received a huge boost in Likes which initially sent it over the 500,000 mark. It is now well over 800,000 and counting.

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