Emirates NBD App

Emirates NBD is the largest banking group in the Middle East. Approaching 50 wonderful years, the group wanted to engage their customer base on Facebook and give back through a game which offers a chance to win different prizes.

A daily prize

Sweepstake Application

Their objective was to allow people to try their luck every day and have a chance at winning one of several available prizes. In order to make this concept more entertaining, we created a roulette style wheel that people would spin and be asked to answer a question. Based on where the wheel stops and if they answered correctly, the person would either be entered in a sweepstake for a chance to win a prize or be asked to try again (up to 3 chances per day).

Quick and fun

Engaging Game

The idea of engaging and interacting with people is achieved by this quick and easy game which does not take too much time, and helps spread the joy of winning through Facebook’s social channels. This user-friendly and engaging game fulfills the requirements of Emirates NBD to interact with their loyal customers and reward them as a sign of appreciation for their years of patronage.


  • Primary Target Performance Result

    More than 20,000 Entries

  • App Reach Performance Result

    Nearly 120,000 Impressions

In just 10 days, the wheel has been spun over 20,000 times and hundreds of lucky winners are being awarded with prizes daily. The buzz being generated by this is incredible as people are sharing, commenting and liking away, giving the app over 100,000 impressions across fans’ newsfeeds.

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