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HR & Employee
Engagement App


In large organizations and enterprises, it is often challenging to promote a culture of inclusiveness and engage with the team on a personal level. Making sure everyone has a voice and is contributing is vital to success. That is where we are adding value with this app.

Newsfeed, Events,
Polls & Awards

The Newsfeed is the central nervous system of the entire company. Here, team members can see activities that are being performed across their teams, and even the organization.

People are able to contribute to the newsfeed with posts of their own, updating the others on exciting new developments around the office. They can participate in polls, post on event pages and even commend others for receiving awards which are handed out by the management in order to recognize excellence.

Team Directory
& Profiles

In a massive organization or enterprise it is often difficult to track down a specific person whom you may have interacted with once through an email chain, but no longer have the details for.

The smart team directory solves this problem as everyone you are looking for is right there in the app. The search feature makes the look-up a breeze.

Live Chat &
Help Desk

Feeling stuck? No need to look around for HR or Administrative staff anymore. Simply create a new ticket, start a live chat with someone or search through existing threads for your answer.

When an organization expands beyond a certain size, ensuring that all the team members have everything they need to do their jobs efficiently starts to become a challenge. With this system in place, this is no longer a problem.

Employee & Client

One of the most sought after features in the organization we deployed to, Observations help the team have an open channel of communication with the leadership on matters related to workplace atmosphere as well as challenges that might be faced with certain clients.

On the flip-side, it allows management to gain insight directly from the team members who are in the field and dealing with day to day hurdles that they may run into.

Requests &
Approval Workflow

With large teams comes the challenge of catering to different requirements, such as leave requests, and equipment requisition. There can often be several approval steps involved in these processes which can be time consuming.

Through the app, the application and approval process becomes completely automated and cuts down the time taken by more than half.

Documents &

When new employees join a large organization they tend to have a lot of documents to review. Whether they are company policy documents, technical manuals or simply HR related information, these can add up. Not only is printing & distributing these a challenge, but keeping them up to date can be equally cumbersome.

We solved these problems with an online searchable knowledge base containing all of this information which can be updated through a back-end admin panel. Every employee has all the latest version of the documentation at their fingertips.

The Results

We tailor made this system for a large organization that is geographically spread across the country. Since deploying it, the company has reported a massive increase in employee engagement and has found tremendous value in the observations section which has played a crucial role in identifying potential hurdles early on in the process. As we move forward, the product is in constant iteration with several new features rolling out each quarter as per the future roadmap.

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