Emirates NBD and Fifa World cup 2014

With the FIFA World Cup 2014 looming, Emirates NBD wanted to jump into the football frenzy that has swept the globe and engage with their fan base on Facebook through a fun and creative application.

The concept

One of the best parts about football is how the commentators go wild when someone scores a goal. We wanted to tap into this and asked fans to re-create that excitement.

How it works

Facebook App

The application presents the user with 3 short video clips to choose from in which a goal is scored. They are then asked to commentate over the video as it records. The final video with their commentary is then submitted to a gallery.

The contest

facebook contest prize

Users that submit a video to the gallery are entered into a contest to win fantastic prizes from Emirates NBD.

Buzz generated

In just a couple of weeks, the application has managed to generate a great deal of buzz on the social media networks (Facebook & Twitter) as well as press coverage in the middle east.

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