2013 saw ICC host the last Champions Trophy where the stakes were high as the best eight cricketing nations fought for the title. Gillette wanted to create an app that can celebrate this great event and host an online fantasy league.

What we built

In this web application, people could create their own dream teams by mixing and matching the best of the best from around the world. There has been just one catch though: they had a" budget to consider! Finding the right balance between bat and ball is never easy, as our friends soon found out!

During the tournament

Cricket Fantasy App

The users would earn points based on their players' real-life performances. Of course there is no fun in winning if there is no competition. We had a leaderboard that would display all the top point earners and you could even see how you were doing amongst your friends.


The application was supported by television commercials and received a great deal of support from the Cricket enthusiasts. The app was successful in adding thousands of new Likes to the Gillette Facebook Page and generate a lot of buzz and excitement around Cricket once again.

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