GMC Sierra 2014

The 2014 GMC Sierra is a truly impressive automobile with some incredible engineering on display. While building a Facebook tab for it’s official Page, we needed to truly capture it’s combination of power, elegance and style. We needed to create a user experience that captures the imagination and engages the audience.

What we did

Facebook Tab Application

The Facebook Tab we built contains a gallery of stunning high-resolution pictures of the vehicle, detailed feature specifications, what people are saying about the car on the Twitter universe, the ability to download the brochure (specific to your particular Middle East country), and instructions on how to get started on your way to owning your 2014 GMC Sierra.

Parallax visuals

Parallax Application

In order to add an interactive component to the application, we implemented parallax. Parallax technology is well known to not play well within the constraints set by Facebook, having to live within an iFrame. However, we took this as a challenge and overcame the technical hurdles involved. We are very pleased with how much aesthetic value the addition of parallax brings to the application’s visual style.


GMC Arabia is using this Facebook tab as a platform to spread the word and spark conversations with car enthusiasts in their target market region of the GCC. They have managed to reach over 100,000 people already which has helped create top of mind awareness as well as drive traffic towards their web site, which they look to convert into sales in the coming months.

Launch Application

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