About the project

My Little Pony

Hubworld, a major network for children’s TV shows (famous for My Little Pony), and with the launch of their new show ‘Littlest Pet Shop’, they wanted to have a premier screening party in New York City.

Include everyone

Because the premier party could only (realistically) be attended by people living in New York City, they wanted to encourage people to host their own premier parties all across the country and wanted to provide fun games for people to be able to play.

What we built

For those that wanted to attend the party in New York City, we made an RSVP system. Since space was limited, people were urged to RSVP on the application and let us know how many people they were bringing with them. For those that could not attend, we let them download party packs and exclusive content such as games which they can play with during their own premier party.

A twist of fate

RSVP system

Unfortunately, New York City was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy and the event had to be delayed. Because the RSVP system already had people’s e-mail addresses, we were able to send out e- mails to the list of attendees and let them know about the change in venue. We asked them for a re-confirmation if they were going to make it to the newly scheduled event date. This allowed the event management team to figure out exactly the capacity of the room and how many people were attending in order to maximize occupancy.


At the end of it all, the event was a major success with 100% occupancy and a fantastic time had by all. Thanks to the RSVP system, we were able to reach out to the people interested in attending and stay in constant communication with them to ensure that everyone was aware of the changes.

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