App for local businesses

Funding cuts towards schools have left parents concerned for the quality of their children’s educational experience. To combat this, a group of successful entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and educators joined forces. Enter iiiTTT, a revolution in how we raise money for schools, groups, foundations and causes while supporting local businesses at the same time.

What is iiiTTT?

Application for merchants

iiiTTT is a catalyst that interconnects schools with local businesses by providing a sustainable revenue generating partnership. Participating merchants are visited by parents who shop at these locations in return for donations being made towards the schools of their choice.

What we did

web and mobile based product

We designed and developed a web and mobile based product through which parents can select which school or group they wish to support, and then shop at local businesses with automatic donations being made on their behalf. Merchants will get publicity for participating and the schools & groups will receive donations. Everybody wins.


iiiTTT’s launch saw some of the fastest growth we have ever seen. Built for scale & speed, optimized for web, mobile or tablet, this web product has already connected hundreds of merchants with thousands of new customers and is currently growing exponentially.

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