Prevent Obesity Campaign

The good people over at put together a campaign in which they were looking to educate people on the hazards of providing harmful soda to kids in school cafeterias. Rather than drinking these sodas, the kids should drink healthy beverages such as fresh juices. Thus, they are encouraging people to "Kick The Can”.

How it works

App concept

A user is shown a virtual soda can which they can kick to as many of their friends as they want. Those friends then in-turn kick the can further to their friends. This cycle continues and eventually you have thousands of cans in circulation. Leaderboards and stats counters have been added to increase engagement and allow people to see the progress, both personal and for the entire community as a whole.


Hundreds of thousands of cans were kicked and important literature was viewed and downloaded by users of the application, educating them on the importance of living healthy and steering clear of sodas.

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