About the app

Salute To Service

NFL Mosaic, Salute To Service is designed in honor of the Veterans day and to show support to the military troops placed at home or abroad. The NFL players and coaches are also supporting troops by traveling overseas and saluting them.

How it works

NFL Mosaic App

The users are asked to Tweet their photo to the NFL so that an enormous mosaic can be created, which would show their support to the military troops. People are able to find themselves in the mosaic once they submit their picture. People can also zoom into the mosaic and find pictures of their friends and others.


The application required a total of 1,000 pictures to be tweeted in to complete the mosaic. This target was reached within 24 hours of launch. Tons more pictures kept coming in which we then rotated in and out of the mosaic to give everyone a chance to appear.

Launch Application

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