Pac-12 Networks

One of the biggest stories about this year’s college football season was the fact that a lot of locations were not going to have access to the games. Several TV networks were no longer carrying the games and this was a cause for concern for a lot of fans.

What we did

Power of the Pac App

The PAC ’12 application which we designed and developed took the initiative. People were able to type in their zip-code & cable provider and find out if the games would be available in their area. If the games were not available, they were able to sign a petition on the application which would then send an e-mail to the carrier on their behalf, showing the people’s interest in the games. It would also send out a Tweet to the carrier as well if the user were to connect with their Twitter account.


The application was a massive success with thousands of e-mails and tweets sent out, and the TV networks recognizing the overwhelming response and many eventually offering the games on their networks.

Launch Application

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