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About The App

We created a contacts, calendar & task management app that is native to iOS. When a scheduled meeting ends, PEG automatically prompts you to add the attendees of the meeting to your contacts list (should they not exist).

UI Design Elements

Our focus was on usability and simplicity. Keeping PEG’s target market in mind, we designed flat and minimalistic interface that has a focus on promoting productivity with user experience at the forefront. The result was a beautiful yet functional contact management app.

Utility Icons

Call to Action


Input Field

  • Typography

  • ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

We wanted the readability to be extremely high as there was going to be a lot of user generated content on screen and it can easily get overwhelming. The challenge however was to ensure that it would remain aesthetically pleasing in the beautiful green PEG color scheme.

Interactive Walkthrough

To guide the user through all the different features in the application, we created an interactive walkthrough which provides instructions on every feature of the application and provides hints to the user on where to tap next to proceed. This is a great way to educate new users on how to use the application.

Success Story

It was found that people increase their business dealings by over 4% by simply following-up in a timely manner. PEG has been helping facilitate that since 2014 and continues to roll out frequent updates and new features.

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