The Profile Calendar Facebook application is your one-stop social planner for your entire upcoming month.

About the app

The application is designed to show a user all the upcoming events for the month, which they would find relevant (based on their ‘Likes’ and ‘Interests’) and display them in an easy to view calendar format. These events can include concerts, sporting events, TV shows, Movies and more.

Event management

Users can also add events that may not see in the list and can view their friends’ calendars or invite their friends to attend particular events with them.


Users can also create their Must Watch Movies of the Month list through this application in which they can specify which movies they want to see that month and invite their friends to watch those movies with them.


Once a user has made their calendar for the month, they can share it with their friends either on their profile wall / timeline or by posting it in their photo albums and tagging their friends. Special consideration has been taken to make full use of the new application ticker feature available on Facebook.

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