Pronamel toothpaste

Pronamel is a popular toothpaste brand which protects from the acids in everyday healthy foods and drinks. It brings healthy smiles to life. The Pronamel brand wanted to find the next ‘Pronamel Diva’ and wanted to use Facebook as the platform on which they hold their contest to do so.

The contest

Facebook Contest App

In this Facebook app, people are asked to submit their inspiring health stories, along with a picture. The most voted pictures would be judged by the celebrity ‘Pierrette Katrib’, who would select 3 Divas to become the face of Pronamel and also to win a cash prize of AED 25,000 each. The application also supports multiple languages, so everyone can take part.


  • Primary Target Performance Result

    10,000 Entries

  • App Sharing Performance Result

    Nearly 25,000 Times

The competition received nearly 10,000 smiles and their respective stories. The concept of spreading smiles and sharing happiness was a successful one as their inspiring stories were shared nearly 25,000 times with 3 lucky winners being announced as the new faces of the brand. Our heartiest congratulations to them!

Launch Application

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