About the app

Hot Tickets consists of an interactive Flash calendar that shows the upcoming events in your area. Simply select your province and the calendar will mark the days on the calendar that consist of events. Hover over the calendar day to get details on the event.

How it works

Events are segmented into three types; Rogers event, Free event & Concerts. The Hot Tickets tab comes complete with an admin panel that allows adding of future events, which reflect on the calendar instantly.


Rogers loves to give you guys free stuff. For this reason, we created a contest tab that allows them to do just that. Complete with a back-end CMS panel that allows management of the contest trivia and entries, the contest tab will allow Rogers to hold monthly giveaways with ease. The best part is, they can manage it all themselves, in-house, just the way they wanted.


The custom Page applications were re-usable due to their flexibility. They were used by the Rogers Facebook Page for an entire year until a new branding campaign took over.

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