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Livestream Concerts Platform

Discover concerts & live streams from around the world. Enjoy online concerts, interact & communicate with your friends, and much more.


About SALA

Creating community around live performances. Artists create live streamed events, monetize performances, sell merchandise, and connect with fans. SALA provides a seamless process of creating and managing concerts through an extremely user friendly interface that excites the user to join in the community and get entertained as well.

Attendees enjoy the magic of live concerts while engaging with friends and fans through interactive video and multi-layered chat. With multiple features of spotlighting, casting screens and automatic shuffling.

SALA provides all the interactions of modern day virtual concerts.

Inside Sala.Live

Browse through some of the best collections in Online Concerts & Live Streams hand picked by people who know the area best. Invite friends, follow each other, and get suggestions for concerts and live streams that you’ll want to attend together with your friends.

Livestream Concert

SALA has an intuitive and robust streaming setup for the viewers with multiple interactive features. The artist broadcasts a high-quality video that is transferred to the audience using a carefully nurtured algorithm designed with the most optimized techniques.

Group Chat with Friends & Attendees

With streaming being the primary feature, SALA also has the capability to amaze the users with some of the most modern secondary features like real-time chat with any of your friends in the stream, or you can cherry-pick the people you want, create a group, name it and just start availing it instantly.

Browse Concerts & Purchase Tickets

A social platform needs to have a seamless way of searching for what you are looking for. SALA has been drafted with a technical foundation so strong that it can search any concert you want in matter of seconds. The users can skim through free concerts or can purchase tickets of the concert of their liking using multiple means of payment solutions that have been incorporated to capture multiple genres of the target audience.

Artist Profile & Fan Zone

SALA is only as strong as the artists on it. The platform provides artists to create their profile, expand their fanbase by promoting their profile through various social media. With every follower, the artist gets notified and a count is always there on the artist profile to motivate them about their fandom as well.

Backend Management & Reporting

The reporting section is as crucial as the public facing features as those provide the admins to make informed decisions. The platform covers every bit of action that the user performs and portrays them in a modern way of visualization techniques like graphs, tables, reports and bar charts. Evert report can be exported and be used for statistical analysis.


SALA provides young and underdog artists an intuitive platform where they can showcase their unique talent and express the love they carry for music. With a highly interactive feature set and high-quality streaming, we aim to gift the world with raw and fresh talent.

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