Tang Hero Application

Tang being one of the leading fruit drinks in the world when it comes to kids wanted to reach out to its young audience and engage them with a fun activity that also encourages them to do good deeds.

The application

The app asks a child to tell us one good deed which they would like to perform. They can then customize their own superhero picture (using their picture either through upload or via Facebook) and share their Super Hero Deed with everyone. They will receive votes from others and at the end of the campaign, awards will be handed out to the little heroes of our community.

The Results

  • Page Views Performance Result

    More than 15,000

  • Primary Target Performance Result

    More than 500 Entries

  • Winners Performance Result

    5 Lucky Winners

Over 15,000 people visited the application to participate in the festivities and committed to performing thousands of good deeds. At the end of it all, 5 lucky winners out of the 10,000 were given lots of prizes by Tang Arabia for their participation.

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