About the app

social travel search web site

Twalaba is the first social travel search web site and takes a unique approach towards booking your flights and planning your trips. Through Twalaba, you can use Facebook Connect to log-in to your Facebook Account and on the Twalaba Travel Planner, get a world-map with your friends marked on it.

How it works

travel planning application

You can get up to the minute travel prices for visiting your friends. Get instant answers to questions like "How much will it cost to visit my friend Steve" or "How much will it cost to go to New York and when I'm there, who all will I be able to visit”. Direct integration with weather APIs, flight search APIs and lots more, Twalaba is the ultimate social travel planning experience which provides a complete end to end solution for your travel needs.


People loved the clean UI and simple user experience that Twalaba brought forward. It has captured the imaginations of travelers globally, with a special concentration on the European market.

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