1st Saver App

The good people over at The Brand Crew (a digital agency) were interested in developing a Facebook based marketing campaign for their clients, UBL, a renowned multinational financial institute.

The concept

Quiz App for Kids

Their target market was the youth, aged 10 to 14, and they wanted to inform and educate them on savings accounts. We collaborated with them to develop a Flash-based quiz application that asks questions about saving, provides tips and at the end of it all, gives the user the ability to create a custom avatar using their own Facebook photo.

Extra features

A second aspect of the application was a wish list calculator that allowed kids to maintain a list of items they have wanted to buy, along with the price of the item. As the children save up money, they can enter the amount they have saved into their wish list bank. The program will show them how close they are to their goals and provide them with a visual representation of how their savings are accumulating.

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