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Wild Me is a Facebook application that aims to build a social network where human beings and animals can interact with each other. Follow nicknamed polar bears in real-time as they walk the expanse of the icy South Pole. Get the latest photos of tagged whale sharks sighted near and miles off-shore.

Additional features

Application Features

You can like activities, leave your comments and share them with your friends. A map shows you the path of each individual animal as it wanders in search of food or shelter. Your own profile in the Wild Me app maintains a record of all animals you're following and shows you the ones your friends have started tracking too.

Press coverage

Wild Me was covered by the Washington Post and received fantastic reviews and praise. You can view the article here:


Data is being added every 12 hours and as new animals are brought into the application, you also get to know how these animals interact with each other. But enough talking. We're excited and now we want you to try it out for yourself!

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