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18 Apr 2014

The Best Social Media Campaigns by Brands

Brands that went viral through organic reach on online media. Companies are learning to become media companies, creating original content on social media to gather fans. Social media is all about what’s happening right now and for brands to break the noise, it is important to remain relevant to the customer. This means having a central command center where posts and visuals can be easily approved by the company executives and pushed out in real time.

16 Apr 2014

Plan your digital presence

A brand these days must have a digital media presence. However, each brand and business approach digital media in a different way. Digital footprints are easy to track and are accessible to curious customers, vendors, and target audiences, who may be looking out for you on the web. Therefore, it is very important to build a good reputation around your digital presence. So, how a brand can achieve that? Well, planning is the first step in the right direction. In this post we will look into a few basic things to help build a better digital presence around a brand.

06 Feb 2014

Grand Marketing Strategy for Facebook Pages

We have talked a lot about the importance of social media networking for businesses and how important it is for a business to have a Facebook fan page in the current era of technology. Today, we are going to talk about the top techniques a business should use to promote their product. So, what should be the strategies a business should use to get the expected results, or should we say more than expected results? We have manipulated some stuff and came up with 8 different categories available on Facebook, and to help the businesses achieve their targets we have developed some strategies for each of the categories available.

21 Jan 2014

How Development Agencies can help with Branding?

Let’s start with a test or an activity. Ask a few of your friends to name the first thing that comes to their mind when you say a few words. For example, what comes to your mind when I say “milk’s favorite cookie”? Or, what pops up in your mind when you read “touchscreen technology & innovation”? You will be amazed by the quick and prompt response of “Oreo” and “iPhone” by your friends.

17 Jan 2014

Sweepstake Application Ideas for Brands

There are a number of techniques used by Facebook application developers to increase the number of users on the application. One of the most favorable and easy techniques to capture the attention of the users is to create sweepstakes applications. It is not a new idea by any means, as a number of brands have used sweepstakes to receive high levels of engagement from the users in the past.