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18 Apr 2014

The Best Social Media Campaigns by Brands

Brands that went viral through organic reach on online media. Companies are learning to become media companies, creating original content on social media to gather fans. Social media is all about what’s happening right now and for brands to break the noise, it is important to remain relevant to the customer. This means having a central command center where posts and visuals can be easily approved by the company executives and pushed out in real time.

26 Feb 2014

Facebook Advertising Tools

In our last post, we shared our thoughts about Facebook testing its ads in third party mobile apps. Facebook has not yielded any official results regarding the test. However, we are optimistic about its success. While developing the previous post for our readers, we realized the potential opening of the floodgates of Facebook ads in near future.

19 Feb 2014

Facebook ads: Testing in third party mobile apps

On January 22 this year, Facebook revealed that it is expanding its reach by testing ads in third party mobile apps. Facebook didn’t reveal any information related to its hand picked partners (mobile apps) and figures related to this experiment. So how can we make predictions about its success or failures? The answer is, we can’t. To be honest, our experiences with two tech giants (Google & Facebook) has proved two things consistently right over the course of time.

14 Feb 2014

Paper App by Facebook

A couple of weeks back, a few fellow researchers at Princeton University predicted that Facebook would lose 80% of its users between the years 2015 to 2017. According to the research, this would eventually lead the social network to its demise. The idea to compare a social network with an infectious disease is quite unorthodox. Considering user adoption of a social network analogous to infection and abandonment as recovery is amusing. Some fellows at Facebook did reply to this. They applied the same methodology on Princeton University, thus arriving at the same result of its demise by 2017. For me, the real response to that research was released on a day before Facebook’s 10th anniversary.

07 Feb 2014

Facebook releases App Insights 2.0 beta

Facebook updates, trends and viral videos are really living up to Andy Warhol’s “15 minutes of Fame”. Events and trends fade out quickly, leaving people and businesses with too much to catch up. Sometime notifications and updates regarding shares, likes, logins and people’s engagement are not enough to track your app’s performance. To keep us all interested, last week Facebook released App Insights 2.0. It is the first major update to this product since its inception.