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Why your business should be interested in content marketing

Content Marketing Techniques For Brand and Businesses

Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting. – Bill Gates

Cygnis Media Editor

Facebook Audience Network & the Mobile Advertising Industry

Facebook Audience Network and the Mobile Advertising Industry

The report predicted that Facebook Audience Network would capture 21.7% of the mobile advertising market share in the year 2014.

Cygnis Media Editor

Importance of User Data
for a Business

The Role of User Data in Business, User Behavior and Activity

If your business is not growing according to your expectations, it is time to listen to the voice of your customers.

Cygnis Media Editor

The Best Social Media Campaigns
by Brands

The Best Social Media Campaigns by Brands

Some of the best social media campaigns that are inspiring and shows how your business can relate to customers

Cygnis Media Editor

Facebook Advertising Tools
Delivering to The Right Audience

Quick Tips - Facebook Ad Tools - How to Optimize Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are not all about creating a perfect ad copy. It is also about delivering it properly to the right audience.

Cygnis Media Editor

Facebook Ads - Testing in Third Party Mobile Apps

Facebook testing Adds in third party Mobile Applications

Facebook revealed that it is expanding its reach by testing ads in third party mobile apps. A billion dollar idea?

Cygnis Media Editor

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