Custom Built Mobile Applications that Help Support Your Business Goals

Mobile applications have become an essential part of business processes, management systems and marketing campaigns to name just a few.

We design & develop mobile applications that are tailor made to add value to your business. Our experience spans multiple industries & verticals. We analyze the situation, understand the domain knowledge and implement strategic solutions using mobile applications at the core.

Mobile is the future, and there is no such thing as communication overload. -Eric Schmidt (Google)

iPhone app developer

iOS Mobile Application

Well versed in the latest iOS features, releases, updates and App Store guidelines, we help build an iOS application that will deliver the kind of experience iOS users have become accustomed to from the premier mobile device.

iPhone App Development

Android app developer

Android Mobile Application

Aware of the challenges of Android application development with extreme fragmentation of devices, operating systems, screen sizes and more, we take a top-down approach to deliver a quality Android product across platforms.

Android App Development

What we bring on the table:

best facebook app An experienced team of designers & developers with over 100 completed apps.
facebook application Help you innovate with suggestions on best practices.
best facebook developer A collaborative approach where you drive the project.
best facebook app developer Fair prices, high quality and on-time completion.

Mobile Phone App Development Company

Cygnis Media is a top notch mobile phone app development company. This feat is accomplished through the sheer smart work and systematic approach towards smartphone app development. We have developed a lot of stunning smartphone apps for the world’s leading brands. We built 28 apps in the last year alone. Our mobile phone application developers have vast experience of smartphone app development. As a mobile phone app development company, we have worked with almost every type of business and company. Whether it’s an agency, brand, business, entrepreneur or just a regular Joe. We are the right choice for cell phone app development. In Cygnis media, the quality is maintained through a systematic approach and process. We have a superb team of cell phone application developers and UI designers. In ours smartphone app development company, we believe in forward thinking products, that is why our team has delivered several cross platform apps, and we have proud to be among the one of the top mobile phone app development companies in the US.

Smartphone Apps Development

As a world’s leading smartphone app development company, we have provided goal oriented solutions for businesses of all sizes. As a mobile phone app development company, we are currently working on some wonderful enterprise apps. It is an honor that we have worked with the world’s leading brands and businesses. We follow and maintain industry’s standard procedures during smartphone app development. The reason for this success is the systematic approach towards mobile phone app development.

We love to create cross platform mobile apps, which is not an easy task by any means. It requires to follow two different types of settings and policies. However, our team of mobile phone application developers has done a great job by successfully transforming the experience from one platform to another. The portfolio displays our best practices as world’s leading mobile app development company.

We are comfortable working with

  • Brands and Agencies

    Agencies & brands

    We understand the importance of brand guidelines, target markets and creativity. This is why we are loved by some of the biggest agencies in the world.

  • Businesses


    We have helped businesses of all sizes reach various goals, such as increasing foot traffic in the store, creating top-of-mind brand awareness and generating sales.

  • Entrepreneurs and Startups


    Visionaries, startups or just a regular Joe with a big idea, we’ve worked with them all. We can help in all aspects of developing a product, from strategy to launch.

Mobile applications and games we’ve worked on

In 2016, we created 18 apps for brands & businesses, custom built 9 new products for enterprises and developed 2 large-scale products for the web & mobile platforms.

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