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Web Application Development

Web products built to scale and withstand the
test of time.

Cutting edge technology to stay with the times

Having built web-based products for audiences of all styles, our experience has allowed us to become extremely agile and be able to iterate and pivot rapidly which is one of the most important aspects of web application development.

The initial architecture will get you to a certain point after which user feedback is what drives your direction. It is important to have a system in place, which is flexible and robust to accommodate the tweaks quickly and efficiently in order for the next iterative cycle to start.


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our Web AppLication strengths are:
  • UI/UXOpen or Close

    We pride ourselves in creating stunning user interfaces that are focused not only on aesthetics, but on the experience the user has when using the product. This includes aspects such as: accessibility, user-friendliness and intuitiveness.

  • ArchitectureOpen or Close

    The architecture is carefully engineered for optimum use of Memcache to balance the database read/write activity for the lowest possible overheads in terms of CPU usage on the server when scaling. Where applicable, multiple server instances are planned and mapped out as well as the best programming language(s) to use such as PHP, Python, ROR, etc.

  • API LayerOpen or Close

    We create a REST based API that communicates with the back-end bringing back data in the form of JSON objects. This allows re-usability of code among other things and makes it simple for the product to open 3rd party access to their APIs in the future or deploy on other platforms.

  • Back-endOpen or Close

    Our experience in back-end databases ranges from MySQL to the Google App Engine Datastore. Based on the project requirements we select the best possible technology for the project and create an optimized table structure which will provide the fastest results and the best scaling options.

  • External APIsOpen or Close

    Integration with external APIs is one of the most popular requests that we receive. With so many different platforms available with APIs whether open or licensed, there are thousands of interactive features that you can integrate into your application product. We use the interfaces provided and implement them into the web application.

  • Unit TestsOpen or Close

    Usually, web application development projects are fairly large in size and scope. Unit tests become increasingly important as the larger the project becomes as the risk of human error increases. By writing Unit Tests for all the functions, we allow automated tests to make sure that the results being received from functions are what were expected from them.

  • DeploymentOpen or Close

    Our server management team is capable of deploying and administering Linux based machines running the latest operating systems and modules. We also manage multiple-server load balancing scenarios with different CDN and Database instances and more.

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