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  • Incorporate games into your campaign strategy
  • Brainstorm a unique and interactive game
  • Incorporate your branding and identity
  • Tailor make it specifically for your audience
  • Incentivize with contests and giveaways

HTML5 Game Development

Our Process

HTML5 is a hypertext language to create advanced games. Our HTML5 game development services are scalable across platforms and designed to reach out to your particular audiences. Our designers and developers work together to make your project come to life from ideation to conceptualization and everything in between. We use a myriad of different technologies to help your game deliver in functionality and visual clarity like JavaScript, Canvas and CSS3 to name a few. Each technology comes with its own standards, benefits and limitations and we know which techniques will make your game make the most of the platform of your choosing.

Need to update? 2D games created on the HTML5 platform can be updated quickly and efficiently. A single link is all it takes for users to share your game with their friends. This combined with the fact that we create games with the state of the art tech and stunning visuals result in incredible games which have the potential to go viral.

Leading HTML5 Game Development Services

At Cygnis Media, we harness the latest and most powerful technologies to create HTML5 games that keep your audiences hooked. We have worked with several notable brands to develop games in accordance with business strategies with popularity soaring within a few short days of launch. These include -

  • Puzzle Games - Promote your campaign in a quirky way with colorful theme based puzzle game
  • Board Games - Who says board games are only for kids? Give your business personality with an interactive board game
  • Real Time Multiplayer Games - Let multiple users play on the same web page and increase engagement
  • 2D Arcade Games - Visually stunning games tailored according to your audience and brand identity

It is the details that makes our games stand out. During development, we ensure an adaptive code framework capable of dealing with different asset resolutions.

Why Cygnis Media?

Businesses need to cater to audiences that use a variety of platforms. To achieve this, games must be optimized to run on different platforms as well. At Cygnis Media, not only do our developers ensure this, they also produce products that are optimized according to different browsers.

All of our games are vigorously tested across different devices before launch. This is to ensure that you receive a perfect product that is fit for your brand or business. And if you have an idea for a 2D game we would like to hear from you too. Contact us to find out more.

HTML5 games we’ve worked on

In 2016, we created 18 apps for brands & businesses, custom built 9 new products for enterprises and developed 2 large-scale products for the web & mobile platforms.

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