Engage Users With a More Focused Message

Microsites increase engagement and deliver very specific messaging to a targeted audience.

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How does a microsite help you?

Excite existing customers, convert potential ones.
Grow your business by promoting your brand to those who matter.

Use it as a landing page for your advertising campaign.

An emphasis on your service or product.

Deliver timely information.

Get noticed.

What we do!

Design to accommodate your needs.
We can help you innovate with engaging concepts.
A collaborative approach where you drive.
Fair prices, high quality and on-time completion.

Microsite/Microapp Development

Our Process

Micro sites and micro apps are smaller versions of their larger counterparts. But they are just as useful. Both are feature rich and have highly targeted functionalities. At Cygnis Media, we take a methodical approach to ensure that you achieve your micro project complements your goals.

Our experience and detailed oriented approach allows us to approach the development process from two perspectives. This allows us to meet client requirements better. This is followed by -

  • Planning - Every project starts with an idea.
  • Technical Requirements - We adopt a collaborative approach to plan everything from supported devices and operating systems (like the iOS and Android) to desired features
  • User Stories - We create highly customized UIs and functionalities for your target audience
  • Testing - Every microapp and microsite goes through vigourous testing for bugs and quality assurance

Leading Development Service

Engage users with a more focused message with a micro site or application. Over the years, microsites have grown from simple websites to interactive web based applications and as powerful marketing tools. Our development team utilizes avant garde technologies to help you make the most of the game, product, event or anything else you want to market online. Our expertise includes:

  • Sweepstakes - Create a dedicated sweepstakes app and link it to social channels to drive engagement
  • Video sharing - A dedicated microsite or app makes video sharing much more special
  • Landing Pages - Use your micro project as a landing page for your advertising campaign
  • Product Pages - Make product launches a little more special and engaging with a microsite or microapp
  • Get Noticed - Convert new followers into paying customers and give existing customers another reason to stick around.

Why Us?

At Cygnis Media, our aim is to develop micro applications that help you promote your brand to those who matter. Moreover, we ensure that your project is feature rich, dynamic and interesting enough to engage users.

At Cygnis Media, we adopt a hands on approach for your micro project. It is important for us to develop projects by knowing who it is we are developing for, why they will want to use it and how it will benefit them. This is why notable brands and businesses rely on us to create microapps and microsites that don’t only deliver in value, but in ROI as well.

A microapp and microsite can help you focus your marketing campaigns whether your venture is a startup, brand or agency. And we know how you can make the best of it. Contact us and discuss your project.

We've worked on over a hundred Microsites.
Here are just a few of them.

In 2016, we created 18 apps for brands & businesses, custom built 9 new products for enterprises and developed 2 large-scale products for the web & mobile platforms.

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