Landing Pages for Fans and Non-Fans

Cygnis Media Editor
Facebook Landing page for Fans and Non-Fans

Facebook Fan Pages have gained an enormous amount of popularity in business world. Companies now can stay connected to their existing customers and potential customers through the Fan Pages.
It is important for these Facebook Pages to provide an incentive to the user for them to ‘Like’ the Page as this will allow the Page to appear in the user’s news stream in the future with announcements and updates. This can be best achieved through a well-designed landing tab for the Facebook Page. Some important aspects of a well-designed landing page are:

1) Attractiveness

Ever heard of the expression “The first impression is the last impression”? This holds especially true for users who have millions of pages to choose from and have short attention spans. The color combination, the images, the fonts of the text and the content it provides should be appealing enough to the user so that they want to learn more about the page or brand.

2) Use of Images

Another expression (last one we promise) “Images are worth a thousand words”. Cliche? Yes. True? Yes. If you must use text, keep it very brief and to the point. Use visuals to get your point across.

3) Highlight the “Like”

Many of the pages represent ‘Like’ in an image form and point it to the default ‘Like’ button of Facebook. This might seem obvious to most, but the visual representation adds a nice touch and users are subconsciously brought to think about pressing the ‘Like’ button.

4) Specific Information

Provide the users with the information relevant to your Facebook Fan Page or your application. For example:

  • Contest application: provide the details of the reward
  • Story sharing application: provide a short example story on the landing page
  • Quiz application: provide the user with images or text, which best describes the nature of quiz.

5) Benefits

Let the users know what benefits they can gain when they ‘Like’ your page.

Facebook has inevitably provided a very cost effective way for businesses to promote their brand and products. The only question is, do you know the right path to take? Click here to learn more about facebook pages.

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