Having a Facebook Page is Now as Important as having a Web Site.

You wouldn’t use a boring template for your web site would you? Use custom designed Pages to ensure that your business impresses on Facebook.

Gone are the days when Facebook Pages were an after-thought or a luxury item for brands in establishing their online presence.

Facebook page app development

People often search for their favorite brands on Facebook when trying to find information. Make the most of this opportunity by giving them an exciting Facebook Page to explore that will entertain and engage them, rather than something bland and boring (which will leave a negative impression).

facebook page development

Mobile friendly

With Facebook reporting that over 35% of their daily traffic is from mobile devices (and growing), it is clear that a mobile-first approach is a necessity. This is why we build our projects with a mobile friendly approach.

custom facebook page design

Tailor made

Facebook Pages can be customized to your liking using apps. Apps can be tailor made in terms of both design and functionality to fit the brand’s identity, convey its message and achieve its objectives. The objectives of a company’s Facebook Page may differ based on their strategy. These may include:

  • Increase top-of-mind awareness.
  • Drive traffic to their stores.
  • Increase online sales.
  • Generate interest for a new launch.
facebook page designer

Some apps that can be used to accomplish a few of these goals may include (but are not limited to):

  • Sweepstakes or Contests
  • Coupons or Special offers
  • Polls, Surveys
  • Instagram, Twitter, YouTube integration
  • And much more.

We are comfortable working with

  • Brands and Agencies

    Agencies & brands

    We understand the importance of brand guidelines, target markets and creativity. This is why we are loved by some of the biggest agencies in the world.

  • Businesses


    We have helped businesses of all sizes reach various goals, such as increasing foot traffic in the store, creating top-of-mind brand awareness and generating sales.

  • Entrepreneurs and Startups


    Visionaries, startups or just a regular Joe with a big idea, we’ve worked with them all. We can help in all aspects of developing a product, from strategy to launch.

We've worked on over a hundred Facebook page applications.
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