How Gaming Apps Can Reach Good User Acquisition

How Gaming Apps Can Reach Good User Acquisition

A common problem faced by every successful app developer is to acquire users willing to spend money. According to a research, Cost Per Installs (CPIs) peaked in 2013 and are likely to continue in 2014. In this post, we will see how gaming apps acquire users, and how they can minimize their Cost Per Installs.

Do a lot of testing

According to a leading multiplayer social games developer Kabam, a series of A/B testing on landing pages in multiple marketing efforts has helped them build a user acquisition funnel. A user acquisition funnel is a multistep process which helps the company acquire users. These steps start from when the user installs the app and end when the user makes a purchase. The funnel helps them identify, reach and acquire good users through different marketing mediums. They consider continuous testing as a part of their marketing culture.

When a lot of users try a free game, only a handful stick around after the first experience and even less will consider spending money on it. This conversion should be the main focus of game developers, which is why companies need to do a lot of A/B testing. (You can learn more about A/B testing in this post).

Paying attention to the metrics which really matter

When you do a lot of testing, you get a lot of data. To separate necessary information from a set of data, you must know exactly what metrics can help you acquire users. Key metrics like average revenue per user, retention rate, and conversion rate are important to focus on. Make sure that your marketing platforms and advertising tech products give you the data you need. These metrics will give you insight on user behavior which will help you identify the types of users that will spend money on your game.

Positive reviews and in-app communities

Developing a relationship with relevant people in your niche industry helps you build a reputation. Thus, garnering positive review, ratings and recommendations for your game on credible sites can provide a major advantage.

On the other hand, in-app communities have their own influence over new users. Recently, I tried Rival Knights. The gameplay asks you to seek allies in the social competition. You can help your allies by sending them seals (an in-app token to play a game). In return, you get a +1 score each time they win. This is an interesting and unique new way of engaging users and getting them to spend in-app tokens.

Wrap Up

In clogged app stores, even some great games need help to acquire users. While devising your acquisition strategy, it is important to reach the right users at the right time. This is possible through a lot of testing and getting key insights about your users. A/B testing and evaluating the right metrics will help you acquire users which you can engage and convert into paying users.

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