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Covid-19 Tests & Vaccine
Management Platform

GoHealthID provides an essential Covid-19 Tests & Vaccine Management Platform that empowers health and wellness organizations to accelerate decisions, be compliant with regulatory agencies, increase efficiencies while cutting costs, and dramatically augment quality of healthcare.


About GoHealthID

HUBcities Technologies offers mission critical data science and technology solutions for the health and wellness community.

These essential data solutions empower health and wellness organizations in meeting pandemic healthcare requirements and urgency, promising the world a better tomorrow.

GoHealthID is proactively curbing the spread of COVID-19 in communities and at-risk populations

GoHealthID’s proven platform combines advanced technologies to deliver a revolutionary COVID-19 Tests and Vaccine Management Platform.

Identity Management

GoHealthID employs tried and tested information security infrastructure. We use encrypted QR codes as employee identifiers. This helps us in a two-tiered fashion:

It enables Identity Management across different platforms without the fear of any informational breach or identity theft.

It enables contactless Identity Management thus preventing operational fomite COVID-19 infections.

Schedule, Manage & Track Cases

GoHealthID allows planning COVID-19 tests from a web portal and then further allows two options for test conduction - web and tablet based portals.

Post conduction, GoHealthID incorporates detailed COVID-19 test case management.

It also caters to immutability of data and accountability for its changes by maintaining precise audit trails and logs of who changed what in any given case at any point in time.

COVID-19 Vaccine Management

GoHealthID has an intelligent vaccine management system. It makes recording vaccination of patients of any entity possible from any other associated medical entity in the system.

It also enables providing vaccines of different forms, natures, and number of doses to individuals of different backgrounds and locations overall.

Healthcare and wellness insitutions having various branches can ideally benefit from GoHealthID’s Vaccine Management.

Dashboard & Reporting

GoHealthID has a dedicated Dashboard & Reporting section that has 15+different reports already populated and integrated to it. It also has the potential to tailor-make and add newer custom reports to the system as need be.

GoHealthID accomplishes this by accumulating all data into one central source of truth thus ensuring consistency.

The system also enables its users to export custom filtered reports at their ease.

More Features

Data segmentation

We segment data on the baseof groups, communities, departments, and locations to track progress in preventing COVID-19 infection spread.

Bidirectional integrations

Our system allows secure data exchanges and updates with vaccine delivery systems and laboratories.

HIPAA Compliance

All PII and health related data is locked in a secure encrypted HIPAA-compliant infrastructure in the form of QR codes.


GoHealthID is the need of the hour! It caters to the requirement for Infection Prevention and Immunization solutions for modern healthcare. This way, GoHealthID’s COVID-19 Tests and Vaccine Management system helps in proactively preventing and hence curbing infection spread.

We help flatten the curve!

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