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CRM System

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System


We tailor-made a CRM system from scratch to meet very specific business requirements. The resulting product was a robust and feature-rich CRM system, currently deployed in a large scale enterprise environment. It allows massive, geographically spread sales teams to access real-time information & communicate with colleagues, whether in the field or at the office.

Contact Management

Contact Management

One of the challenges faced was that people often have to work remotely or in the field. They may also use multiple devices (phones, laptops, etc.) resulting in not having access to important information. Needing to request contact information from colleagues was also becoming a pointless bottleneck.

We addressed these concern with a centralized cloud-based shared contact management system and added features such as filters, permissions and bookmarks to add extra value.

Lead Management

Lead & Opportunity

It was important for sales teams to have all the vital information surrounding a prospect, what its current stage is, its estimated value and a log of activity performed on it thus far.

Funnel views, status filters and other usability optimizations were integrated to ensure that the team has all the information easily and readily available to them when they need it the most.

Report & Dashboards

Reports &

One of the most important features was reporting. The goal was to provide customizable reports that can provide an overview as well as have the ability to drill down into specific details as required.

The report builder feature is easy to use yet robust, allowing teams to report to managers, supervisors to oversee activities and staff to monitor progress in real-time.

Workflow & Approvals

Workflow &

Each organization is unique in their processes. Our challenge was to build a system that meets the organization's hierarchal requirements and follows the checks and balances put in place.

We were able to fulfill these requirements with features such as custom permissions, approvals, workflow management and design.

Document Sharing


A part of the process that we felt was unnecessarily taking up too much time was the back & forth involved when requesting template documents such as an NDA or a Standard Contract.

Through the Document Sharing feature, sales teams have instant access to the latest versions of these templates, along with many other useful documents such as the Media Kit, latest presentations of particular products, etc. Document Sharing has reduced the time taken to send out an NDA by 85% as the process now only takes a couple of clicks.

Communication & Collaboration

Communication &

One the most vital features required based on the business goals was the ability to create and assign tasks between team members.

A task management system with notifications was developed to allow teams to stay on top of their follow-ups, know when a manager requires action on a certain lead or simply set reminders for themselves.

The Results

The CRM system has been deployed across the entire organization and its many business units. The feedback from the sales team has been overwhelmingly positive and iterations are on-going based the suggestions received. The project has been regarded as a massive success as it has managed to reduce operating expenses by removing inflated CRM license costs from the picture, while providing functionality better suited for the organization's unique workflow.

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