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CycleSmarter E-Learning & Testing App

CycleSmarter E-Learning & Testing App

Training Material


Every driver should be aware of the traffic laws whether they are driving a car, a bike, a bus or a cycle. Cycle smarter is a video based course for cyclists who wish to learn about its rules and regulations. The web app we developed is easy to use and increases awareness about how a cyclist needs to behave responsibly while on the road.

Training Material

Training Material

Cycle smarter is like the fun teacher which you love because it makes learning enjoyable, interactive and easy. After registration, it trains cyclists with the help of interactive videos, which are not only engaging and interesting to watch, on lessons such as how to park your bike and the precautions to take when driving at day or night time. Moreover, it gives suggestions about protection while cycling on the road.

Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning,
Tasks & Quizzes

Lessons need to be interactive to maximize its benefit. After going through a video module, users take a quiz that consists of MCQs, percentage selection, or arranging the data in the correct order.

Inshort, it’s all about learning and you don't need to worry about the quiz as it offers multiple chances for you to ace the test.

Results & Certificate

Results &

Nobody fails at cycle smarter because you can either achieve distinction, merit or simply pass the test. The web app gives you a chance to share your results on social media so that you can brag about your fantastic result to your friends.

To top everything off, we give you a certificate as well! You can download the certificate and make the most of it.

The Results

The campaign was very well received by cyclists. Not only did it broaden their horizons about cycling regulations, but it also promoted a positive cycling culture. Even though the campaign was recently launched, it has generated a lot of buzz!

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