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Jump Music Web Portal

Jump Music Web Application

Music Web Application


Jump Music is a feature rich online music portal that allows audiences to discover, stream, buy, and share music from all over the world. The unique "trending score" helps increase visibility for the latest and best releases.

Discover Music


Browse different genres, search for your favorite artists, get recommendations from friends, or lean on the "Trending Score" algorithm. With Jump Music, there's always some new music just around the corner.

The Discover area of the portal showcases the best music in several different categories to provide variety for the users.

Listen Music


Stream full songs or clips to determine which ones you absolutely love. Different audio quality streams are automatically encoded for the user to be able to stream the one that best suits their needs and bandwidth limitations.

A back-end admin panel allows the moderators to easily manage the song library and update the content in a flash.

Shop Music


3rd party API integrations with different music libraries enables the functionality through which users can purchase the music they love to listen to on a regular basis.

Payment gateway integration allows users to shop on the web site using their credit cards and get instant delivery upon purchase.

Organize Music


Create playlists or wishlists and share them with your friends. Collaborate with each other on different lists whether they are for an upcoming event, or just to introduce each other to new songs.

The collaborative lists feature allows users to determine if they want to keep their list public or private, ensuring privacy where desired.

Share Music


In today's social media world, there is no fun in using a great product without being able to share it. Jump Music has a strong emphasis on sharing songs or playlists with friends through social media connections.

Enhance your music listening experience by making it a social activity through Jump Music's interactive music portal.

The Results

Jump Music was conceived as the music portal of the future, before the existence of industry giants such as Spotify and Apple Music. In served as a fantastic proof of concept which impressed users and investors alike, paving the way for future enhancements in the design & development of large scale music products.

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