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The Brief

“Saints and Strangers” is a two-night movie event by National Geographic Channel, based on the story of the first Thanksgiving. It reveals the struggles among the Plymouth settlers and Native Americans.

National Geographic was looking for a campaign to promote this show and alongside make a difference in the community on this special day.

NGC Saints Logo

The Approach

Civic Entertainment Group created a concept to benefit from National Geographic’s online presence, and approached us to bring their idea it to life.

We designed a one page microsite that would ask users to fill in a sweepstake form, for a chance to win a grand prize of a 2 nights sponsored trip to New York City. On every submission, the channel would donate $1 to Feeding America for their fight against hunger. The microsite also featured the trailers of Saints and Strangers, that was going to be aired on Thanksgiving.

The Result

The results were amazing! Social sharing helped this campaign reach a wider audience and exponential increase in submissions, which eventually was praised by everyone as it was making a difference in the community. The trailer was viewed over thrice the amount we expected.
Target Achieved: 315%

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