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An immersive 3D experience with your custom avatar Shark Friendzy, South Africa

About The Agency

In partnership with Sparkloft Media, we designed and developed the application that lived on the Visit South Africa Facebook Page. During the 12-day campaign, people were invited to “dive in” and come face-to-face with a great white shark in an interactive shark diving cage.

The Application

In August 2013, South African Tourism partnered with South African Airways USA and Marine Dynamics to bring Shark Friendzy—a virtual shark diving Facebook application—to life. Leveraging the popularity of the Discovery Channel's "Shark Week," shark-themed content took over of all of South African Tourism's social channels for the duration of the campaign.

3D Designed Objects

We custom designed a 3D ocean and it’s inhabitants to create a fully immersive experience for the divers in order to virtually re-create the shark diving experience.





The Result

The Shark Friendzy sweepstakes was incredibly successful. It reached 7,003,356 people and received a total of 2,653 entries. The campaign was also featured in many online publications, including Travel Pulse, Luxury Travel Advisor, and Sherman's Travel Blog, amongst others.

  • Primary Target

    Total 2,653 Entries

  • App Reach

    7,003,356 people

  • Page Likes

    More than 13,900

  • App Sharing

    More than 1,000 Times

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