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Toblerone, the beloved chocolate brand, wanted to reach out to their fans and inspire them to reach out to their inner filmmaker.

App Interface

Through the app, people could upload short films and take part in the competition to become the next Toblerone star filmmaker. They could use their mobile phones or laptops to simply take a short movie and upload it to the app where others can watch them and vote on them.


Win one of the amazing cameras to help you make more amazing films! Get your friends to vote for you, the more votes the higher the chance you win.

Responsive Design

The app was designed and developed to be mobile ready. On the small screen, we have a custom designed interface that is touch friendly. Supporting all major smartphone devices and browser types, this truly is a cross-platform solution in every sense of the word.

The Result

The result was incredible. Over 250 films were received and more than 3.5 million people were reached across Facebook via these unique short-films shared by the filmmakers and fans alike, receiving tens of thousands of votes.


Films Received


Million Reached

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