AI & Machine Learning Development

We design, develop and deploy powerful AI & Machine learning systems, tools
and apps that help make your products and operations smarter.

Leverage cutting edge technology to make data-driven business decisions

From healthcare to retail, education to supply chain optimization, artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be a game changer.
Driven by machine learning technologies and expert systems, AI transforms unstructured data into valuable actionable insights.

Deep Learning
Unlock new, previously unattainable capabilities by using deep learning in fields such as Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, Medical Image Analysis and much more.

Process Automation
Eliminate redundancies, bottlenecks and time consuming manual operations in your processes by implementing workflows driven by the latest AI technologies.

User Behaviour Analytics
Increase conversions and avoid churn by predicting user behavior thanks to machine learning models that learn from past users’ behavior and analytics data.

Advanced Business Intelligence
Leverage the massive volumes of data your business gathers every day by converting it into actionable intelligence provided by custom AI models built with your business goals in mind.

Recommendation Systems
Increase up-sells on your e-commerce platform, or time spent on your video streaming app, (to name just a few) through meaningful and relevant recommendations.

Forcasting & Decision Support
Predict how a changing landscape will affect business and adjust accordingly based on forecasting models that leverage big data & machine learning to aid in decision making.

Our Machine Learning Development Process

It's easy to get overwhelmed and feel that this may be too complex. Don't worry, we're here to help make it easy. Let's quickly go through the steps.

1. Scoping & Architecture Design

The first step begins with acquiring domain specific knowledge, understanding the problem, and identifying the opportunity. Based on the information gathered, we propose the technology stack best suited for the job.

2. Data Collection & Exploration

Machine learning needs data. If the data needed to train the proposed models exists, we conduct an exploratory analysis phase to find relevant patterns & correlations. If the data is not available, we work towards gathering it.

3. Model Development

Based on the information gathered thus far, we train, test & iterate upon thousands of models to see how accurately they are able to solve the problem statement. We continue to feed data and make tweaks as the models evolve.

4. Full-stack app development

Finally, we integrate the machine learning model with the front-end application using a REST API, developing all the required features along the way to provide an intuitive & user-friendly experience to the end user.

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