Energy Management System (EMS)


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AI-Powered Data Analytics Solution
for IoT Devices

Cygnis Media’s cutting-edge energy management platform empowers organizations to efficiently monitor, control, and analyze utility consumption and carbon emissions. The system’s advanced data analytical and predictive capabilities forecast future predictions, enabling organizations to make proactive decisions, optimize energy consumption, and embrace a sustainable future.

AI-Powered Data Analytics Solution

Al-Powered Energy Management System
for Analytical Insights

We integrated the AI and ML models within the system to extract insights from the extensive energy consumption data generated by these models. Moreover, the system goes beyond conventional solutions by transforming data into actionable intelligence with intuitive charts and visualizations. Explore how leveraging AI’s analytics prowess assists organizations in conducting in-depth data analysis for efficient energy management:
Energy Management System Efficient energy management

Data Connectors

Our sophisticated data connectors facilitate real-time data access, integration, and linking across various devices and platforms, such as SkySpark, Utility API and other data sources. These connectors ensure efficient data flows and create a unified and interconnected ecosystem for streamlined data management.

Data Integration and Management Interconnected Ecosystem

Data Mining

We use data mining to extract valuable patterns and insights from vast datasets, enabling informed decision-making to enhance energy efficiency and optimize resource consumption. Furthermore, the system allows for discovering hidden correlations and trends within energy-related information.

Data-Driven Energy Efficiency Resource Optimization through Data Mining

Actionable Intelligence

Our system leverages advanced AI analytics to gain key insight from large datasets that help organizations analyze their overall energy data usage. The data is displayed in the form of charts and pie graphs to get simplified insights and plan the future best practices for energy-saving.

AI-powered Energy Data Analytics Visualizing Data for Energy Efficiency Optimization

ML Models

To recognize data patterns and make utility consumption predictions, we integrated the demand forecasting ML model. This ML model enhances accuracy and provides timely forecasting even in volatile conditions, enabling organizations to proactively manage resources, optimize utility consumption, and make data-driven decisions.

AI-powered Energy Insights on Demand Personalized Chatbot for Smart Energy Decisions

AI Energy Agent

Our dedicated AI Energy Agent chatbot delivers instant and insightful responses, offering information in written and visual formats for quick understanding. It incorporates context-aware knowledge systems for follow-up messages based on the user's search history.

Platform Features

Our team developed a full-fledged energy management software that operates seamlessly across various IoT smart devices. Let’s discover our platform’s extensive features.
  • Visualizing Data for Energy Efficiency Optimization
  • Large-scale Data Analysis
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Data Visualization & Reporting
  • Personalized Chatbot for Smart Energy Decisions
  • Multi-site Energy Management Platform

    Portfolio & Sites

    Organizations can efficiently manage multiple sites and portfolios, obtaining graphical representations of electricity and gas consumption. Electricity consumption data from one site can be compared with that of multiple sites to analyze differences in electricity usage.

  • Weather-driven Energy Optimization


    IoT sensors collect weather data via weather API, generating alerts for temperature drops, allowing efficient adjustments to AC or heater settings, and optimizing electricity consumption effectively.

  • Automated Energy Optimization


    Our engineering team implemented a secure multi-tenant architecture for diverse group access, ensuring effective management of a site with multiple projects and optimized utility consumption.

  • Multi-site Electricity Measurement and Analysis


    AcuRev and Utility Meters are features for measuring electricity data of various sites. Utility meters display electricity consumption graphically, while AcuRev presents project data for specific sites using various measuring units.

  • Advanced Data Visualization & Analytics


    The seamless integration with SkySpark, Utility API, and Weather API enables advanced data visualization and analytics for future predictions and forecasting of utility consumption.

  • Real-time Intelligence

    Organization & Site Management

    The system offers three user roles—admin, owner, and members—for efficient site management. Admins handle overall site and project data, owners manage their organizational projects, and members have limited access.

  • Empowering You with Instant Energy Insights

    AI Energy Agent

    Our Energy Agent, an NLP-driven AI chatbot, instantly interprets and responds to users' queries, providing valuable information resources and visualizing summary reports for enhanced user experience.

  • Floor-level Utility Data Integration

    Floor Plan Management

    Floor plan management integrates utility consumption data for each floor in a site or building, with dedicated key numbers for unique identification. This allows analysis to determine which floor is utilizing energy more efficiently.

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