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Leverage the superior hardware of the iPad to create applications that provide a memorable user experience.

ipad application development

Custom products and the best games live on the iPad

Mobile media and computing devices will never be the same again since the introduction of Apple's iPad. With a host of applications available on iTunes - the largest app store in the world - the iPad is a world of endless possibilities.

The iOS platform is being constantly updated and with new features of the iOS 10, we can only expect a brighter future ahead.

As iPad app developers and designers, we are excited to see the leaps iPad has taken over the years opening new vistas of creativity. If you'd like a free consultation on developing iPad applications, Contact us.

ipad app developer

Ipad applications we have experience in:

  • Location Services – Using the GPS access found on the iPad a variety of location based features can be added to an application to add utility, personalization and convenience to the overall user experience.
  • Push Notifications – Local and external push notifications can be used to send reminders to the user based on the different features of the application. These can be sent to the user even if the application is not open.
  • In-App Purchases – Through In-App purchases, we can add the option of allowing the user to buy addons, upgrades, subscriptions and more without ever having to leave the application.
  • External APIs – External APIs can be accessed and integrated into the mobile application to bring to it features that previously were only available externally.
  • Game Kit – Apple's new Game Kit integration allows implementation of achievements and leaderboards through Game Center to allow users to compete with their friends. Game Kit implementation also provides the option of adding live multiplayer.
  • Game Frameworks – Experience with different gaming frameworks such as Cocos and Unity provides the flexibility to tackle any type of game genre and style that may be required.
  • HD Graphics – All graphic work done for the iPad platform is custom made and optimized for the resolution and screen size of the iPad. All HD art is rendered with close attention to detail and stunning visual quality.

iPad Application Development Company


At Cygnis Media, the path to successful native iPad applications does not start with schematics, but with discussions. We begin by assessing your needs, budget and goals. We discuss the nature of your target audience and possible scenarios and functionalities that can help you refine your app’s UX. After the first stage, our iOS development team gets to work on your iPad application.

Cygnis Media works closely with clients to identify areas that can bring their ideas to life while keeping usability and visual clarity in mind. With a well defined game plan and strong technical skills, we provide full support from design and development to launching your application in the App Store.

But our work doesn’t stop there. Once your application is successfully launched and in use, we provide regular maintenance and upgrades to ensure that it continues to perform well for the long term.

Leading iPad App Development Service

The iOS platform is always being updated and with the new iOS10, the possibilities regarding native applications are endless. Our developers are the people who can make these possibilities a reality for you, which is why we are a leading service in iPad development.

We offer everything you need to ensure that your application is flawless whether you need an app that streamlines complex business processes, promote a sweepstakes competition or have another purpose. Our iPad applications are rich in features like -

  • In-App Purchases - Make users perform purchases like add-ons, upgrades and subscriptions without ever leaving your app
  • Push Notifications - Increase app engagement by sending reminders to users based on different features
  • Location Services- Utilize the iPad’s GPS to add a variety of location services to improve user experience
  • Game Kit - Utilize live multiplayer in your games thanks to Apple’s new Game Kit
  • Game Frameworks - Utilize any type of game genre in your application
  • External APIs - Integrate external APIs into your app
  • HD Graphics - Beautifully rendered applications with visual clarity customized for the iPad

Why Hire Cygnis?

We have an amazing result driven team dedicated to providing robust and industry leading solutions. Our team contains people who have extensive experience in designing, developing and testing iPad applications for a variety of requirements and industries.

Cygnis Media has worked for a number of businesses, startups and other clients to bring iOS applications that run the gamut in functionality and design. Do you have any idea for an iPad application but don’t know how to implement it? Contact us to find out more.

In 2016, we created 18 apps for brands & businesses, custom built 9 new products for enterprises and developed 2 large-scale products for the web & mobile platforms.

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