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iPhone Application Development

Earn revenue or simply create a free application to add value to an existing brand.

The best apps are on the iPhone

Apple has revolutionised the experience of mobile phone with the iPhone, providing an innovative touch interface and sleek design. The popularity of the iPhone is largely thanks to the barrage of applications available from the biggest app store in the world, Apple's iTunes.

The iOS platform is extremely reliable and intuitive allowing designers and developers to unleash their creativity and produce stunning pieces of art.

Cygnis Media's iPhone app developers are thrilled to explore new possibilities in designs and functionalities every day. If you'd like a free consultation to help build your project, simply Get in touch.


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iPhone applications we have experience in:
  • iOS Location Based AppLocation ServicesOpen or Close

    Using data from GPS technology, we can create personalised applications for users. Adding location services to apps increases their functionality and enhances the user experience.

  • iPhone Alert ApplicationPush NotificationsOpen or Close

    Push notifications can be used to send reminders to users on the go. These can also be send when the said app is not open.

  • iOS Apps PaymentIn-App PurchasesOpen or Close

    In-app purchases make it convenient for users to purchase add-ons, upgrades, subscriptions and more from within the interface of the iPhone application.

  • iOS Development ServicesExternal APIsOpen or Close

    We can integrate external APIs in iPhone applications to make those features available within the app which are only available through third party services.

  • iPhone Game DevelopmentGame KitOpen or Close

    Apple's new Game Kit integration allows us to add game mechanics such as achievements, rewards and leaderboards in the Game Center from where users can share their scores with friends. It also adds the feature of live multiplayer games.

  • iOS FrameworksGame FrameworksOpen or Close

    Our experience with game frameworks like Cocos and Unity lets us create a variety of games of different genres, styles and types.

  • Retina DisplayRetina GraphicsOpen or Close

    All our graphics for the iPhone are tailor-made for its retina display. We optimise visuals according to iPhone's screen resolution and produce sharp images for stunning visual displays.

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