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Facebook Developer

A Facebook application developer can vary from being a single person in a basement somewhere to a full team of experts with dedicated designers and more. The scope and complexity of the project usually define how intense the Facebook app developers need to be.

The skill set required to become a quality Facebook application developer requires knowledge on working with external APIs and database connections while being able to design fast loading front-end using your language of choice. The preferred and most popular language among Facebook application developers however is PHP.

Most Facebook app developers never manage to garner success and their applications never see more than a few thousand users at its peak. This is due to the immense competition out there and with the saturation point quickly approaching, it only gets worse. However, a quality application developer does not go into a project unprepared.

The difference between a programmer and a developer is that a developer will be able to guide a project during the initial strategic phase in order to identify what elements of the Facebook application are actually useful and which features would fizzle out. Given enough experience with Facebook app development or Facebook Pages development, a developer can instantly point out which aspects of the concept require viral hooks and how to implement them in order to fully utilize the viral potential of the social media giant, Facebook.

At Cygnis Media, we provide complete strategic solutions along with a full team of experience designers and Facebook developers. We can help you take your objectives or existing concept and refine it further based on our experiences. Our suggestions to you are exactly that, suggestions. Let us help you help yourself. Give us a call for a no obligation consultation session or drop us an e-mail for an instant quote. We'd love to hear from you.

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