Can Facebook and Ecommerce Come Together?

Cygnis Media Editor
How Businesses use Facebook as Ecommerce, FB Connect

We all know that Facebook is a social networking giant with over 750 million users. The enormous number of potential customers gathered in one place, have garnered the attention of small and large organizations alike. Facebook once was a place for simply messaging friends and viewing pictures of each other, but it has evolved into one of the biggest malls available online.

A Facebook Page is one of the most extensively used resources for businesses to interact with potential and existing customers alike. The reason users interact with a business page is to show their loyalty to the brand, find out about new deals, register a complaint, find out the solution of the problem they are facing with the brand’s product or simply show their approval of a brand’s product or image.

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E-commerce and Facebook are beginning to come together. A recent study shows that 50% of the users visiting an E-commerce website are already logged in to their Facebook accounts. With the Facebook Graph API businesses can use the social plugins or Facebook Connect for easy access to the users. Studies also indicates that 88% of the top 200 Internet retail websites have integrated Facebook plugins.

Social media websites are already in the top 10 referring resource for the online retailers. As a business it is best for your organization to avail this opportunity and create your presence in the social arena using Facebook integration. You will find a number of ways to promote your product to the ever growing Facebook’s user base, once you go through the top brands’ Pages and websites which already have a presence on Facebook. Remember, as a business you cannot afford to fall behind your competition.

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