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Facebook Connect helps increase user sign-ups and activity on your web site.

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A personalized experience

Web sites and applications have become increasingly interactive and can adapt to the user's personal preferences. However, in order to do so, the user is required to have an account. This quickly became tedious and cumbersome for the users as they would have to sign-up for different web sites, go through the hassle of e-mail confirmation, and then (worst of all) remember what login name and password they kept for each different web site. With Facebook Connect, all of that can be eliminated, along with receiving several additional benefits.

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Mobile friendly

As mobile begins to dominate and become the major platform through which most web sites and apps see their traffic, it is important to ensure that the different bells and whistles we add to these apps are all mobile friendly. In the case of Facebook Connect luckily, this is not a concern as it lends itself seamlessly to mobile integration.

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Benefits of Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect has now been widely adopted across major web sites on the Internet and with good reason. There are several benefits for having Facebook Connect integrated into your website or application:

  • Secure authentication
  • Real identity
  • Social profile access
  • Sharing

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